Sambutan Kelulusan Siswa 2019-2020

Our beloved students, teachers, staffs, parents,  all school communities and stakeholders: Assalamu’ alaikum warrohmatullohi wabarrokatuh. May peace, blessing, mercies,  safety, and welfare always be granted to all of us by Allah Almighty.

First of all, let us offer our endless gratitude,  prayers to Allah SWT,  the God Almighty for the countless blessings and mercies such as health, wealth, strength, courage, spirit, motivation, determination, and chances which enable us to carry out our daily activities and duties as one of the means of dedication to our beloved country, community and nation.

Secondly, let me express our sincere gratefulness, appreciations and compliments  to all of the school community members and stake holders, especially the Ambassador of The Republic of Indonesia Tokyo, Charge d”Affaires Ad-Interim, Attache of Education and Culture and the big family of Indonesian Embassy Tokyo as well as School Committee and parents whose constant supports, participations, dedications, contributions, and hard works have brought about the betterments, improvements and advances in our beloved school in many aspects.  With strong commitment, coordination, communication, co-operation, synergy, courtesy and care enriched with transparency, public accountability and other personal as well as procedural and professional approaches, we are hand in hand reaching the goals that is to help develop our students, the holders of the future, the builders of the next generation and civilization to become the patriots of the nation and knights of the people who have high standards of competencies, integrity and qualifications both spiritually-personally and emotionally-socially as well as academically-professionally.

Thirdly, as the time comes and goes by, there is a moment we cheer, greet and come together, and then comes the day we have to say good bye. For, especially the year XII students who are leaving and going to enter new phases of your lives, let our constant prayers and good hopes be your accompaniments in reaching your lucks and successes. Let us touch our hearts, rejoice our spirits, redefine our commitment and energize our motivations that the values of us, the real success and happiness in life as individual, as social beings as well as citizens are not determined by our genetic entities, levels of positions, piles of properties or luxuries, but by our sincere dedications and real contributions to the lives, to the benefits and goodness of others. It is good to be important persons, but it is more important to be good persons.

Finally, your great achievements after tireless efforts in school days worth celebrating, your success in getting through this level of education worth congratulating and your real dedications toward the country need realizing. We wish you all the best and good luck. May God bless us. May God bless our beloved country Indonesia, May God bless our beloved school, Tokyo Republic Indonesia School. Thank you.

Tokyo, 15 June 2020


Saidan (Mr.)

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